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Of shoes and ships and sealing wax

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December 18th, 2004

11:57 am - Remember that one time, in Arizona, on the way to Mexico?
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October 25th, 2004

12:22 pm
I am Plague. Got Me?
Which Horrible Affliction are you?
A Rum and Monkey disease.

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October 3rd, 2004

12:33 pm
I find this creepy.

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June 9th, 2004

08:09 am - My milkshake.
I had a dream I was at some kind of birthday party, and then Tatu walked in, and they were walking in slow motion, and they came in and started acting crazy. In fact, they started acting like Courtney Love. Then, Dmitri, obviously, being the only bona fide Russian I know, came in and started shooting everyone. Before he shot me, I was like, well why are you shooting everyone. Drugs. Obviously, this must be a Tatu music video. Well, I died, but while I was dying, my stomach, which is currently sick, started making real life pain as I am sick, and in my dream that translated to me yelling at the person that was also dying who was lying on me. I told them to get off my stomach because I was going to make a shot up mess on them. Mmmm.

I hate dreaming quite a bit.

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May 28th, 2004

03:51 am - I did this for your benefit, not mine.

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03:19 am - And...
Without further ado, an old DOS game where you could perform surgery on people. I used to play it way back when. WAY BACK. WHEN 486'S HAD THE HORSEPOWER AND WINDOWS 3.1 WAS IN VOGUE.

Yes, I am going crazy.

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03:07 am - My new sleep problem
So before, my sleep problem used to be that I could only sleep until the sun rose. However, I could get back to sleep, if I tried real hard, so sometimes I actually did manage to sleep until 8 or 9.

I have a new problem that involves me being unable to fall asleep until I am dead tired enough to not notice that I am falling asleep. I think this is derived from the fact that in the past couple of months I have generally had someone to fall asleep talking with. Now this is no longer the case. The additional problem that comes with this is that at 3 in the morning, when my body decides to wake me up for no good reason, I am sometimes unable to fall back asleep because I cannot fall asleep again.

Also, it is hard to fall asleep when you have this constant nagging bother with the simple idea of falling asleep. The whole loss of consciousness part for some reason baffles me. So I think about it a lot, only when I am trying to sleep, and therefore it keeps me awake.

Wah-wah-wah-wahhhhh. Score one for insanity.

Anyhow, I just decided to do a load of laundry and my father came out to make sure I knew that I woke everyone in the house up and that 3am was NO TIME to do laundry.

Who the fuck gets awoken by a laundry machine. OH NO, water. Let's wake up. I do not get woken up by: thunderstorms, aerial assaults, alarm clocks when I need to go to Chinese exams, nuclear holocausts, and water. Things I do get awoken by: the sun, other people trying to wake me up, and birds outside my window.

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May 27th, 2004


R – 95 mins.

John Cameron Mitchell, United States, 2001

John Cameron Mitchell is the creator of the off-Broadway hit HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, which he and composer-lyricist Stephen Trask have transformed into a funny, dramatic, and curiously poignant self-described "post-punk neo-glam musical" film, with extra songs and a new instrumental score. Hedwig (played by Mitchell) was born as Hansel in East Berlin. In his twenties, Hansel agrees to undergo a sex change in order to marry a U.S. soldier (Maurice Dean Wint) and escape to America. Unfortunately, the procedure fails, and Hedwig is left with nothing but a sexless "angry inch" between her legs. After being abandoned in a Kansas trailer park by her husband, Hedwig decides to make the most of her situation: She develops a taste for outrageous wigs and costumes, forms a band, and becomes a singer. Hedwig soon meets and falls in love with 17-year-old Tommy (Michael Pitt), who also harbors rock star aspirations, and makes him her musical protégé. But Tommy is the one who ends up stealing the superstardom that Hedwig worked for, after stealing Hedwig's songs and claiming them as his own. In order to expose him as a fraud, she embarks on a tour of strip mall restaurants, telling her story to the audience while trailing Tommy on his own tour across America.

Admission $5.00

Friday: 12:00 am - midnight

with shadow cast HipGnosis

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04:53 pm - Peligro
I did yet more wandering around, and brought the craptacular digital camera with. I am addicted to it since I have nothing else to do with my time until I get a job, other than lob off my nose.

Yes, they still do sell Tab. And it's not the 80s. WTF.

Welcome to Snack City, population YOUR MOM.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

My brother's tire went flat today.

And this is where we were when we were fixing it. Some guy named Ed helped us. He was a mechanic that happened to be getting something to drink at the gas station, and a prostitute. But not really the second one, I think.

And an additional message from some guy.

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09:29 am - I did a little more wandering

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